The Jazz FM Legends FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about our Jazz FM competition, Jazz FM Legends.

How do I enter?

You can enter the competition by texting JAZZ to 61054 (cost £2.00 plus 1 standard network rate message) or online.

When do I enter?

You must enter during the opening and closing times of each draw of the competition. Entry to the competition will open and close as follows:

• Monday’s Draw: opens at 5.10pm Friday, closes at 5.00pm Monday

• Tuesday’s Draw: opens at 5:10pm Monday, closes at 5:00pm Tuesday

• Wednesday’s Draw: opens at 5:10pm Tuesday, closes at 5:00pm Wednesday

• Thursday’s Draw: opens at 5:10pm Wednesday, closes at 5:00pm Thursday

• Friday’s Draw: opens at 5:10pm Thursday, closes at 5:00pm Friday

I can’t find the online entry

Online entry can be found here

I want to stop receiving messages

To opt out of our free marketing messages, just text STOP to 61054 (1 standard network rate message). For full details, please see the terms and conditions.

If the prize has rolled over, do I need to enter again?

If you have entered any round of Jazz FM Legends, your entries will automatically be carried over and entered in to each of the following draws until the end of the Competition. You can enter again if you want to, but your entries from the previous rounds will still be valid. For full details, please see the terms and conditions.

Am I being charged for receiving texts promoting Jazz FM Legends?.

No. Any texts that start with ‘FreeMsg’ are free to receive.

My network say I am in a subscription and I can have a refund

We do not operate a subscription service, and any charges you have received are for entering our competitions.

I have sent a text to enter but haven’t received an entry confirmation message

There could be several reasons why you haven’t received a confirmation message. This could be due to insufficient funds, a bar on your account or a network problem.

You will need to speak to your network about this.

EE: 150

O2: 0344 809 0202

3: 0333 338 1003

Sky: 0333 7591 018

Virgin: 0345 454 1111

My text message isn’t sending or is failing.

If your text message entry to us is not leaving your phone, then it hasn’t reached us and won’t be included in the draw. This is something that isn’t under our control, and you’ll need to contact your network in order to resolve this issue:

EE: 150

O2: 0344 809 0202

3: 0333 338 1003

Sky: 0333 7591 018

Virgin: 0345 454 1111

To confirm, if this is happening, you won’t have been charged.

I had a missed call, was it Jazz FM Legends?

Unfortunately we cannot disclose this information, however it is possible that the call will be from a withheld number. Before entering the competition we would recommend ensuring that you will be able to play at the times announced on air.

I haven’t had a text – who is today’s Legend?

The prize value is announced on air each day after 8am. This will then be repeated throughout the day until the draw at 5pm.

If this hasn't answered your question, then please email with your query.