The Kenny Burrell Quartet

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Through the years, Kenny Burrell has grown his range and versatility as a guitarist and has probably complemented and graced more recording sessions than any other jazz guitarist. Kenny has recorded with a variety of small, medium and large groups- many times as leader. And of course, he has played an integral part in the success of several albums by Jimmy Smith. The almost unmatched reputation that Kenny enjoys today can only be earned over a period of years. He has been takin care of business for years now, and his name on a record is like a stamp of quality to most jazz enthusiasts. What the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval is to a Kansas housewife, Kenny Burrell is to jazz.....only hipper. In this 1966 Cadet album, Kenny s guitar is embellished beautifully by Richard Wyands, piano; Martin Rivera, bass; AND Oliver Jackson, drums. It is an album that is indicative of all that is good about Mr. Burrell. The word versatile is over-used in describing musicians and entertainers but Kenny s playing is both distinctive and varied. He has a beautiful lyrics sense-dig the unaccompanied People , but he also has an aggressive style of playing that makes his sound easily recognizable. The outstanding characteristics of his playing-his best-known trait-is an honest and soulful blues feeling...a feeling so fresh and distinctive that the Kenny Burrell sound could almost be patented.



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