Jazz FM Partnerships

Online Requirements

The following sections are here to answer all of the questions you may ask as you enter into your partnership with Jazz FM with regards to the requirements for your content on JazzFM.com. We aim to cover all elements that you may have questions on.

So please take a look below and if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager who will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Jazz FM’s website has many different elements to it that are available for commercial reasons...

  • Banner advertising
  • MPU advertising
  • Homepage activity
  • Competition Pages
  • Gig listing tiles


Here is an example of a Jazz FM Homepage with the different elements that COULD be part of your package (please refer to your contract as to which)…

Banner (Leaderboard) Advert

A fully produced image is required from you, the size of which needs to be 728 x 90. We also require an active and clickable URL that will take the user to the page you wish to link to.

MPU Advert

A fully produced image is required from you, the size of which needs to be 300 x 250. We also require an active and clickable URL that will take the user to the page you wish to link to.

Homepage Presence

This links the listener through to your relevant page within jazzfm.com (ie: the competition page). Therefore, for this element, we only require an image free of words and logos, the size of which needs to be 1724 x 712.


This page is where your product/brand details are placed and we direct listeners here. Although we will write the words and design the layout, we will send you a preview link to the page for your suggestions. Therefore, please ensure that you provide as much information as possible within your briefing form to help our writers do your star product justice.

With regards to the various images and other elements...

Main Image

This image should be relevant to the prize on offer. It should not have wording or logos built into the image, apart from, when agreed with Jazz FM’s Digital Editor, a small primary brand logo in the bottom right hand corner with a transparent background. The size of this image needs to be 1724 x 712.


Extra images

These can be supplied, in landscape or square, to the Digital Editor who will use them at his discretion, with word wrapping where appropriate. These should be devoid of additional wording, logos and captions, however, if captioning or a photo credit is required, please ensure this is sent at the same time with the picture and it will be added via the CMS. These pictures do not have a specific size requirement and are totally discretional.

Prize Details

Full details are required up front so as to ensure the listener knows what they get (and by default what they DON’T get) should they win the contest.

Additional T&Cs

Should there be additional T&C’s required to run alongside the general Jazz FM Competition T&Cs, they can be bulletpointed here (up to 5 bullet points) while a link to a fully laid out paragraphed T&C’s PDF can be linked to further down the page.
All T&C wording must be agreed with Jazz FM legal.
Please note that once a competition is “live”, changes cannot be made to the prize or the T&Cs.

Opt-In option

Only the contracted brand can gain access to the third-party data and this needs to be requested formally at the point of contract. It cannot be an opt-out option, only an opt-in option.

Partner logos

All third party logos go here with links to relevant websites. These need to be provided with a transparent background and not a block colour background.

PLEASE NOTE: Although a discussion can take place between the account manager/Jazz FM Digital Editor and the client, the question used in the competition is at the discretion of Jazz FM


If you have purchased a gig listing tile, the size of the image required needs to be 540 x 338.

The image should be as EXAMPLE 1, although if a logo is used as in EXAMPLE 2, it should only be the logo on a plain light background.

An active URL should be provided that is direct to the ticket purchase portal. We require at the tie of image delivery the correct name of the event, the date, the venue and the price (please state various if more than one price) as in EXAMPLE 3.

PLEASE NOTE: For all images, we only accept JPEG, EPS or PNG image files.