The Late Lab with Anne Frankenstein

Anne Presents The Late Lab every Thursday night from Midnight.

Anne Frankenstein presents the Late Lab, a selection of jazz, blues, soul, ska, funk, rhythm & blues, calypso, afro & latin music from the 20s to the present day with an emphasis on lesser known treasures, artists and tracks that may have slipped through the hands of time, usually with great back stories too.

A committed vinyl fanatic, ‘digging’ for, collecting and sharing this type of music has been a huge part of Anne’s life since she started DJing at age 16. Nothing is more exciting to her than spending hours in a record shop, and suddenly stumbling across that one amazing track - a diamond in the rough.

The Late Lab gives Anne a chance to share these discoveries in an intimate setting, and to validate her long-held belief that some music just sounds better after dark.


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