Jazz FM @ 25: Neil 'n' Dud - The Other Side of Dudley Moore

Neil Cowley is Dudley Moore’s Biggest Fan.  Dudley Moore CBE is a comedy, acting and musical genius who won many accolades, including an Academy Award Nomination for his role in Arthur.  Neil Cowley is a contemporary jazz pianist and Jazz FM Award winner.  

Neil cites Dud as his biggest musical influence – quite a claim for someone who is known mainly for his comedy of “Beyond the Fringe” and “Not Only But Also”, and those big Hollywood movies.  In this programme, Neil explains why there are so many parallels between their lives while telling us the intriguing story of Dud.  

Hear of Dudley’s influences, hear about his daemons and how his love of music was a constant through his turbulent life, right up to the end.  

Plus, throughout, as a backbone to this touching story, Neil constantly references and plays clips from a recently uncovered interview recorded 25 years ago in Jazz FM’s birth year between Dud and Jazz FM’s founder, fellow pianist Dave Lee. 

On announcing this programme, Neil said “I’m thrilled to be presenting this show for Jazz FM, and can’t believe my luck that the guys at the station found the Dudley tape in their dusty archives and I have the honour of using it.  It’s a candid interview and has provided new leads and insights into his character. He has long been an idol of mine and my research has revealed to me some quite unnerving similarities in our stories. I believe that music was his true love and an area he was vastly underrated in. In fact, I think the guiltiest of those doubters was Dudley himself. Jazz FM have given me a great opportunity to shine a light on this unlikely and ignored piano legend”.

Neil is also performing a four show tribute to Dudley Moore at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club on 24th and 25th April.  You can get your tickets here. 

If you missed “Neil ‘n Dud – The Other Side of Dudley Moore”, you can listen to it here.

If you want to know the music played, and purchase any of it, you can do so by looking at the playlist.

Now, if you’ve come here to listen to that amazing interview between Dud and Jazz FM founder Dave Lee, then here we are. This is truly a piece of gold: two virtuoso pianists in a room, in front of a piano and having a chat.  It’s more a conversation that an interview, but it is 30minutes in a room with a genius, including some special treats of Dud playing the piano at the end.  Enjoy and tell your friends – you really are a member of an exclusive club as this hasn’t been heard since Christmas 1990.