9th January: Tobi Schneidler

He is the founder and CEO at Bouncepad; a fast growing technology company that helps retailers reboot stores for the digital age. They are based in London and Boston and our products are now used in more than 50 countries.  

His background in architecture led me to the question: how could the next generation of commercial space use technology to connect with real people, in real life and real time to save the high street?  

Research and teaching at the Royal College of Art and Saint Martins in London, as well as the Interactive Institute in Stockholm led to projects around Intelligent Homes and taking part in the emergence of the Internet of Things.  

This work then launched new type of retail design agency, for the connected customer world.  

Bouncepad, the product, emerged shortly after, to become the world’s first iPad Kiosk, establishing and entirely new product category. They are now global market leaders.  

Some of the biggest brands in retail, hospitality and travel are using Bouncepad to innovate their service offering, increase conversion in store, drive loyalty and return visits.  

Amongst them are McDonalds, American Airlines, Hugo Boss and Virgin.