7th March: Andrew Marten

Andrew Marten is the Co-Founder of award-winning probiotic chocolate brand Ohso.

Andrew has extensive experience bringing innovative products to market and before launching Ohso, he helped develop brands for world famous names including Estée Lauder, Yves Saint Laurent, Revlon, Wonderbra, Dewars Whiskey and Champagne Mercier.

The origin of Ohso came about because Andrew had previously suffered with IBS and was looking for a product that tastes delicious while delivering probiotics for better gut health.

In 2011, Andrew launched Ohso with Richard Thompson and the unique concept has since revolutionised the probiotic category. Now consumers can benefit from a luxurious Belgian chocolate bar that is clinically proven to be three times more effective at delivering good bacteria than functional probiotic yoghurt or milk drinks.

In 2013, Andrew was awarded the Investec Food & Drink Entrepreneur Of The Year Award at the House of Commons. Ohso has also won multiple accolades including a Great Taste 2013 Gold Star for the Natural Orange Belgian Chocolate and the No Added Sugar Raspberry Belgian Chocolate Editions.

Since Ohso launched in the UK, the brand has significantly expanded and it is now exported to America, Canada and Australia.

Andrew has three children and lives with his partner Elizabeth. In 2008 he and Elizabeth created and launched a premium skin care brand called “Elizabeths Daughter” this was aimed at the teenage

Outside of business Andrew is passionate about flying, in addition to having a private pilots license for many types of aircraft he has also had a balloon and airship license for some 30 years and flies his own balloon.