27th June: Simon Boyle

This week Elliot Moss is joined by Simon Boyle, an award-winning chef who decided to use his skills for charitable causes, including ‘Brigade’ his social-enterprise restaurant, and ‘United Kitchen’ which gives the homeless some restaurant training.

Brigade, Tooley Street is a unique social enterprise restaurant serving Great British classics that use seasonal produce. Awarded an AA rosette within 3 months of opening it offers diners a really unique experience. Formed from a partnership across the private, public and third sector, Brigade opened in September 2011 and since its launch has been the home of Beyond Food (BF) a charity that works to motivate and inspire people who have experienced homelessness to gain meaningful employment. 

Both programmes use food as a catalyst to motivate and inspire individuals and this stems from Chef Founder Simon Boyle’s food philosophy that food nourishes relationships. Throughout the programmes participants learn how to interact with each other, get to meet new people and visit new places. For some Freshlife can act as a trigger for change within themselves; the first step to reengaging with society, whilst for others it can give them the confidence and passion to go on to the apprenticeship and seek employment.