20th June: Camilla Barnard

This week Elliot Moss is joined by Camilla Barnard, Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Rude Health. 

 As part of her degree studies Camilla spent a year in Fukuoka, Japan. Here she picked up a half decent understanding of the language and a full blown, thoroughly indecent passion for Japanese food.  Upon graduating Camilla hot-footed it back east to indulge in another 8 months of sushi scoffing and learning.  Back in London, Camilla continued her love affair with the orient and kick-started her career in Anglo-Japanese fashion trading. 2 years later, she was lured into the world of Derivatives Risk Management. Immersed in this alien world for 4 years, Camilla retained her interest by writing about the lunch she was eating for an online magazine.

 In 2002, Camilla met her future husband and business partner, Nick Barnard, then a publisher and still an aerobatic stunt pilot. So strong was their mutual belief in the need to revolutionise the nation’s eating habits that Camilla and Nick, along with 2 neighbours, spent many a long evening creating their ultimate, healthy breakfast cereal.  Rude Health was founded in 2005, the same year that Camilla and Nick moved house, got married and started a family. Thankfully, they didn’t crack up and their business blossomed, enabling Camilla and Nick to decamp from their cramped kitchen to a local office. A few years and moves later, Rude Health now makes lots of breakfast cereals and some snacks and drinks. The Rude Health team now counts 13 with Camilla leading the Marketing.  What hasn’t changed is what we believe in, which is: Eat Right, Stay Brilliant.