Nigel Williams

On Saturdays from 10am, Nigel Williams has live sessions and exclusive interviews.

As a child, Nigel was convinced he would become a musician, but in his teenage years he discovered radio and was lucky enough to make his dream come true after being offered his first show straight after leaving university. Since then he has presented programmes on many of the UK’s major radio stations. He first joined Jazz FM in 1994 as the Breakfast Show host which sowed the seed for a deeper love and understanding of jazz.

Nigel Williams returned to Jazz FM in 2010 and by his own admission he says it felt like coming home. Since then Nigel has taken a particular interest in talking to the people who create the music he plays. Many of the biggest acts have stopped by at Jazz FM to be interviewed by Nigel, many of whom perform live sessions, engineered by Nigel himself who confesses to not only being a frustrated Musician, but Record Producer too!