Nick Pitts

Nick feels totally at home in a small darkened room playing some of the greatest pieces of music for a living.  After all, his first word was a childlike “music” and when he got his first Danset at the age of 5, he holed himself up in his room with a pile of old records.  Brought up on his step-dad’s love of jazz, Nick enjoys the full big jazz sound from the likes of Duke Ellington and Buddy Rich while also loving soulful vocal songs from the likes of Stevie Wonder and Lou Rawls.  Fact – Nick’s nick-name for his daughter is “Lady Love”, named after Lou’s song.

Behind the scenes, radio is in Nick’s blood having held down jobs in some of the UK’s biggest radio stations and working with some of the UK’s biggest radio talent for over 20 years.  Nick has also produced interviews and sessions for hundreds of artists over the years and has won a highly sought after Radio Academy Gold Award.  All this, he says, was mere training before finally work at Jazz FM which he has done since returning to the station in 2008.  Now, alongside being on the air (which he loves), he is the Content Director of Jazz FM so ensures that everything you hear and see is the best it can be.

His greatest achievement outside of the station? That his two children (15 and 9 respectively) would much rather listen to jazz, soul and blues that One Direction nonsense. Job done!

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