Mark Walker

Mark Walker presents Dinner Jazz form 7pm - 10pm Monday to Friday and his own show from 2pm-5pm on Sundays.

Mark Walker is enjoying his third tenure at Jazz FM. He's loves the big, polished vocal and classic jazz productions and classic soul music. Mark's long career began when he was 19 but we dare not ask when that was! He notes his career began at exactly the same time as Jazz FM colleagues Lynn Parsons and Nigel Williams having enjoyed listening to the humorous delivery and encyclopaedic soul music knowledge of great broadcasters like Peter Young. 

These days Mark lives near a beach in Brighton, often sitting in near zero temperatures in a gale force wind enjoying a cocktail on the decking at home in Brighton. His working day may sometimes allow him a cheeky G&T on the train journey home as he spends his commute pondering the finer things in life such as impeccable segue-ways, Diana Krall albums and Mediterranean cruises.

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