Yamaha unveil revolutionary new piano

Jamie Cullum with the new Enspire piano from Yamaha

Jamie Cullum helped Yamaha unveiled their new Enspire electric-acoustic hybrid which they describe as, “the World’s most advanced piano.”

Yamaha have unveiled their new Enspire model which they describe as, “the World’s most advanced piano.”

The Enspire is an electric-acoustic hybrid with the ability to record and recreate whole performances. It was launched yesterday afternoon with Jamie Cullum’s band demonstrating the technology – initially without Jamie on stage, having recorded his part earlier in the day. Cullum appeared later to complete his set and demonstrated the smartphone app which helps to control the piano. 

The Pianosoft software enables users to download a choice of music from the library and instantly the instrument will replay full orchestral – and vocal – arrangements, the piano keys and pedals exactly replicating the physical actions of the pianist at the time of the original recording.

The iconic Abbey Road Studios are so impressed they’ve installed one already.

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