WATCH: Mary J Blige inducts Nina Simone into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The singer payed tribute to her hero in Cleveland, Ohio over the weekend

Nina Simone has been entered into the rock and roll hall of fame in a star-studded ceremony held at the institution’s headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Lauren Hill and Andra Day performed her music with The Roots, while Mary J Blige gave a long and passionate induction speech, where she said "Nina was bold, strong, feisty and fearless, and so vulnerable and transparent all at the same time. Her voice was so distinctive and warm and powerful; I never heard anything like it. She knew who she was and she was confident in what she did and why she did it. But it was often the lack of confidence in herself that people could relate to. Nina sang for all her pain, her joy, her confusion, her happiness, her sickness, her fight. She fought through all the stereotypes. She fought for her identity. She fought for her life."

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