WATCH: Clothes brand Farah releases jazz-inspired short film

The new documentary shines a spotlight on young collaborators in London

London based fashion house Farah have created a new documentary which celebrates the vibrant young jazz scene that’s been breaking through over recent years in the city. They say fashion and music are intrinsically entwined, long associated with underground culture and this year they are “shining a spotlight on this renaissance moment for the genre”. 

They say “Experimentation and cross-pollination of sounds and style is at the heart of this new type of jazz and there is a unifying sense that the scene is the star and the artists are a part of something far bigger than its component parts. It is brave, confident, diverse and collaborative and the defining sound of the UK underground right now.”

The film is produced by Hector Aponysus and titled ‘A London Dance - New Movements In Jazz’. It’s only 7 minutes long, but finds time to feature some of the key players on the scene including Ezra Collective, Kamaal Williams, Maxwell Owin, Wu-Lu, Theon Cross, Poppy Ajudha and Joe Armon-Jones.

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