Unearthed: Stevie Wonder's demo recording of a Michael Jackson favourite

Michael Jackson in the studio with Stevie Wonder

Hear a recording of Stevie Wonder and his studio band playing 'I Can't Help It', a song written for Michael Jackson's 'Off The Wall' album, in 1979.

Here's a real gem unearthed recently. It's a recording of Stevie Wonder in the studio playing a demo of his song 'I Can't Help It' which was later recorded by Michael Jackson on his hit album 'Off The Wall' in 1979. Stevie didn't want the song for his own album and gifted it to Michael by request. It was not a pop hit compared to other huge chart toppers written by British writer Rod Temperton but latterly 'I Can't Help It' it has been standardised in jazz by countless versions. 

Stevie is pictured with Michael Jackson peering over his shoulder. At one point in the song Stevie ad-libs with words about a radio station's Christmas output! 

We can only dream how a fully produced Stevie Wonder version would have sounded but it continues to elude his fans. For now enjoy this.

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