Troyka take flight with a new album and tour in 2015


Experimental London three-some Troyka are to release a new album 'Ornithophobia' depicting an avian apocalypse.

Experimental London three-some Troyka are to release a new album 'Ornithophobia'. The trio features heavyweights Kit Downes on Hammond organ and keyboards, guitarist Chris Montague and Josh Blackmore on drums.

This will be the band’s third album and debut on the Naim label. Troyka are no run-of-the-mill organ trio in the classic sense. Like many British outfits their influences are far and wide from dance music electronica to blues, jazz and rock. ‘Ornithophobia’ is a title born from Chris Montague’s real fear of birds and conjures images of an avian apocalypse. It’s a far cry from their former expansive Troyk-estra big band project recorded live at Cheltenham Jazz Festival. It comes complete with comic book artwork and chaotic story lines of life in London taken over by people-sized birds with a heroic Troyka out to right the feathered wrongs.

Troyka have invited dynamic Swedish bass player and producer Petter Eldh to produce the album. Eldh, who has lives in Berlin, mixed it at his home in a scene where German electronic music and jazz meet head on. Using techniques of re-sampling the band’s own acoustic performances he has morphed their compositions into new dimensions without losing their core sound. Catchy melodies grace complex layers in full trademark Troyka swing. 

Ornithophobia Tour 2015

  • Feb 9th Leeds - Leeds College Of Music
  • Feb 10th Barnstable - North Devon Theatres
  • Feb 11th Milton Keynes - The Stables
  • Feb 12th London - Rich Mix (Launch Party)
  • Feb 13th Cardiff - Royal Welsh College Of Music And Drama
  • Feb 20th Manchester - Royal Northern College Of Music
  • Feb 25th Birmingham - MAC
  • Feb 27th Liverpool - Capstone Theatre
  • Feb 28th Morecambe - Morecambe Hothouse
  • Mar 12th Sheffield - Sheffield Student’s Union
  • Mar 26th Belfast - Moving On Music
  • Apr 2nd Oxford - Spin Jazz

‘Ornithophobia’ is released January 26th 2015.

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