This Waitrose is hosting weekly jazz gigs in-store

Drummer Adam Texeira and saxophonist Joe Browne. Photo credit: Caroline Cook

Customers are ‘be-bopping while they’re shopping’ at a supermarket in London

Customers at Waitrose Kings Cross are being treated to a free jazz concert every Thursday night. The London Granary Square store is part of a recent re-development of the area next to the Regent’s Canal. The store (a converted railway engine-shed) already boasted a wine and beer bar and outside patio space, when husband and wife team Phil Wain and Lisa Tang suggested programming jazz sessions there.

Customers have been ‘dancing in the aisles’ and ‘be-bopping while they’re shopping’ for the last 18 months or so. In an interview with Jazz FM, Phil Wain says “It’s been so successful. One of the great things about it being free is that people can come and experience it for 5-10 minutes and come again the next week. It allows us to showcase lots of different young musicians and put bands together who are given an opportunity to play for an appreciative audience.”

Lisa Tang added “as we all know, a lot of live music venues have been closing down so this is an alternative way of thinking because it’s not really a venue, but it has bizarrely become a valuable community space”

The gigs run weekly from 6.30-9pm including forthcoming Thursdays…

September 7 – Adam Teixeira, Alam Nathoo, Michele Tacchi
September 14 – Joe Browne
September 21 – Phil Wain trio with Jansen Santana, Joseph Costi
September 28 – Emiliano Caroselli trio


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