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Dr Funkenstein, George Clinton

George Clinton, architect of P-Funk, is to release a new multi format album to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Parliament’s ’Chocolate City’ album with a new London recording.

George Clinton, the architect of P-Funk that ruled r&b in the 1970s and early 1980s, the Funk Overlord who steered the Mothership, is to release a new album to commemorate the 40th anniversary of his band Parliament’s 1975 classic album ’Chocolate City’.

P-Funk was an evolving movement of musicians who joined in on crowd recordings of metaphor laden, sometimes psychedelic, rock steeped funk that gave rise to legendary bands like Parliament, Funkadelic, Parlet, Brides Of Funkenstein, Booty Collin’s Rubber Band and more. 

’Chocolate City’ paid tribute to the city of Washington D.C where Parliament and Funkadelic were extremely popular. The album cover depicted the Whitehouse, the iconic Abraham Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument on a chocolate badge. D.C was known as ‘Chocolate City’ in colloquial terms due to its majority black population.

Clinton is releasing ‘Chocolate City: London’ after his Parliament-Funkadelic outfit took up residency at Metropolis Studios in West London one weekend last year. A deluxe CD/DVD/vinyl box set with new recordings of favourites spanning Clinton’s much love P-Funk catalogue, live concert and interviews is to be released for Record Store Day on April 18th. Legendary P-Funk anthems like ’One Nation Under A Groove’, ‘(Not Just) Knee Deep’, ‘Cosmic Slop’ and ‘Atomic Dog’ are included. 

The band made a live vinyl cut during this process too and the vinyl is to be created in the style of a classic box of quality chocolates with limited edition milk chocolate and white chocolate marbled live vinyl. Fans will hear stories and revealing studio secrets of how one of the tightest, wildest and most experimental bands ever put together their legendary funky jams.

Track Listing


1. I Wanna Know If It’s Good To You / You And Your Folks, Me And My Folks
2. I’ll Bet You
3. Stuffs And Things
4. Red Hot Mama
5. Atomic Dog
6. Friday Night August 14th (feat. Joss Stone)
7. Crazy
8. Hit The Bag / Bounce 2 This
9. We Want The Funk
10. Gagagaga Chant / Up For The Down Stroke
11. Mr. Wiggles
12. One Nation Under A Groove
13. Maggot Brain
14. (Not Just) Knee Deep
15. Alice Is My Fantasy

Live Vinyl Cut

1. Friday Night August 14th (feat. Joss Stone)
2. Crazy

3. Hit The Bag / Bounce 2 This

4. Red Hot Mama

5. Cosmic Slop

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