Songbird Kenny G urged to take flight from Hong Kong

Kenny G jazzing for democracy

Saxophonist Kenny G has landed in hot water with his stop over visit to Hong Kong's student-led democracy protestors.

Saxophonist Kenny G (Gorelick) has landed in hot water with his stop over visit in Hong Kong. The smooth jazz star visited Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests, upsetting the Chinese authorities who see it as meddling in their affairs by outside forces. Thousands of students have been leading protests in occupation for several weeks demanding wide democratic reforms. Gorelick tweeted, “In Hong Kong at the sight of the demonstration. I wish everyone a peaceful and positive conclusion to this situation.” The tweet also contained an image of Mr. G next to a home made pro-democracy banner.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said, “Kenny G's music is popular in China, though regarding the illegal protest in Hong Kong, the Chinese government has a clear position. We think that is an illegal campaign. Thus we hope all foreign countries and individuals could be discreet in words and deeds and not support the illegal protest in any forms.”

Kenny G’s signature smoothed out soprano saxophone tones have won him many fans in China, a huge market for him. Many Western jazz purists think of him as it’s antithesis. His pop-jazz style encapsulated in his world wide hit 'Songbird' is even sometimes described as ‘lift music’. Ironically Kenny G’s song ‘Going Home’ is widely heard at China’s train stations, department stores, airports, hotel lobbies and public spaces. He toured China in September.


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