Social media blackout for Prince

Having joined Facebook recently Prince has deleted social media accounts with no further comment, including Twitter.

It’s been said there’s only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s NOT being talked about!

Perhaps that’s what the enigmatic pop star Prince was thinking when he deleted all his social media accounts and removed most of the videos from his Youtube account. Having joined Facebook recently under the name ‘3rdEyeGirl’, a reference to a satellite pop group he produces, he has vanished with no further comment on all social media feeds including Twitter. All that remains on his Youtube channel ‘princevevo’ are 3 items: an interview, a music video of the song ‘Breakfast Can Wait’ and a clip filmed behind the scenes of the same song.

Prince recently signed a new deal with Warner Brothers to release his music. He had once criticised the music group whilst contractually tied to them and even described himself as a ‘slave’ with a facial tattoo when he appeared at Wembley in the mid 1990s.


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