Shabaka Hutchings' Comet is Coming

The Comet Is Coming

Saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings proclaims End Times are upon us with his new project The Comet is Coming. Taste the Apocalypse and watch the video.

Saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings, Jazz FM Award winning Instrumentalist of the Year 2015, has announced his new project The Comet is Coming with a new song ’Neon Baby’ and video cut to scenes from vintage TV series Space 1999. 

This new electronic trio is very different to his band Sons Of Kemet, and the first offering is an unhinged, fire brand slice of beat-heavy, punk-jazz dance music. The Comet Is Coming proclaims, “end times are upon us people, but Danalogue The Conqueror, Betamax Killer and King Shabaka are here to spread light and joy and fire.”

See them live on Saturday October 24 at London’s Troxy along with Squarepusher and get your first taste of the impending musical Apocalypse below.

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