Real jazz, for the folks that (f)eel jazz

On Congers ..

The audience at a jazz gig in an aquarium in the Spanish city of La Coruña watched in amazement as a slippery fan appeared to dance to a jazz standard.

Visitors to an aquarium in the Northern Spanish city of La Coruña got more than they bargained for last week. An audience attending a jazz concert looked on in amazement as a Conger Eel appeared to rise up and dance to the music in the huge tank behind the band. As they played the standard ‘Night and Day’ the slippery fan behind gyrated to the music.

The other fish ignored the event as the eel soon became the show in the Aquarium Finisterrae’s Maremagnum Room, home to over 600 marine species. A video captured on mobile phone shows the eel pressed against the thick glass, swaying and turning to the Cole Porter composition while guests giggled with delight.

Guitarist Ruben Barros Deschamps said on Facebook, “I’ve just discovered my hidden vocation…eel charmer. And I didn’t have a clue. What a brilliant moment.”

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