PREVIEW: New Quincy Jones documentary coming to Netflix

A film has been directed by his daughter and will be released this month

A new documentary telling the lifestory of Quincy Jones is to be debuted on Netflix this month. The film, simply titled ‘Quincy’ is co-directed by his daughter Rashida Jones and features interviews and private archive footage going back to the very beginnings of his career. Since then, Quincy has become the most Grammy nominated artist in history, and produced countless records, TV shows, films and championed new artists.

“It’s rare that somebody who has lived as much life as my dad is still interested in growing and knowing the next generation,” Rashida Jones says. “He is such a man of action and accomplishments, but we were so lucky to spend real time with him, to let him reflect on life and the larger picture. I feel honored to be able to share that with audiences all over the world.”

Jones’s career as a composer, conductor, best-selling author, multi-media entrepreneur and producer spans decades; he stands today as one of the most successful and admired artists of the entertainment world and was named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential jazz musicians of the 20th century.

The whole story is released on September 21st.

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