Pieces of a Dream release album no.21

James Lloyd and Curtis Harmon of Pieces of a Dream

New album ‘All In’ released November 6th 2015 will celebrate the Philadelphia R&B / jazz band’s forthcoming 40th anniversary.

American R&B / jazz band Pieces Of A Dream are to release a new album ‘All In’ on November 6th 2015. This will be the 21st release and will celebrate the Philadelphia band’s forthcoming 40th anniversary. Original founding members, keyboardist James Lloyd and drummer Curtis Harmon are featured.

Pieces of a Dream emerged out of Philadelphia’s music scene in 1976, named after a tune called ‘Pieces of Dreams’ by saxophonist Stanley Turrentine that they performed. The great Count Basie once proclaimed them “a tough act to follow,” but it was another Philly jazz legend, the late Grover Washington Jr. who helped Pieces of a Dream become internationally renowned by producing their debut self titled album in 1981.

The band recorded a number of much loved crossover fusion hits including the sultry ’Warm Weather,’ the funky ’Mt. Airy Groove’ and ‘Fo Fi Fo.’

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