Partisan support for the Godfathers of 'post jazz'

Jazz In The Round

Partisans celebrate the release of their fifth album 'Swamp' at the monthly Jazz In The Round session.

Partisans, the so called Godfathers of 'post jazz’, celebrate the release of their fifth album 'Swamp’ at Jazz In The Round on Monday Sept 29. 

Led by guitarist Phil Robson and saxophonist Julian Siegel the band boast a sound that sweeps you along in strong and well played original compositions. Partisans came together in 1996 and have been highly influential in melding the new contemporary sound pursued by the later generation of British jazz bands. Bassist Thadeus Kelly and American drummer Gene Calderazzo, brother of keyboardist Joey, are the rhythm section.

'Swamp' is released by the prolific Whirlwind Recordings. Partisans are joined by trombonist Ashley Slater with an solo improvisational set and saxophonist Tommy Andrews and his band opens. Jazz In The Round is a monthly Monday night live music event at The Cockpit Theatre in London's Marylebone.


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