Omar to release 2-disc ‘Anthology’

The British music legend says it’s a reflection of how he puts heart and soul into his music

Omar is set to release an anthology of his greatest work, including some of the soul singer’s most recognisable songs, classic collaborations and he says tracks “that have been slept on” up until now. It features two previously unheard songs including a new collaboration with Terri Walker called ‘Pass It On’. There’s also his duets with Erykah Badu, Leon Ware, Caron Wheeler and The Scratch Professor. 

Omar says: "I feel blessed. I try to keep things moving and evolving, and when I finish an album, I always put my heart and soul into it. I'm looking at it from an outsider's point of view, because I never really see myself making the music. It's like I'm the vessel and somebody's controlling what I do, I just happen to be the one that gets the praise for it".

‘The Anthology’ is a double CD and vinyl release on Freestyle Records out on January 31st. Details are on Omar's website.

The full track list is as follows:

1.     Pass It On (feat Terri Walker)
2.     There's Nothing Like This
3.     I Don't Mind The Waiting
4.     Last Request
5.     Music
6.     Who Chooses The Seasons (feat Carleen Anderson)
7.     Best By Far
8.     Winner
9.     Outside
10.    Little Boy
11.    This Is Not A Love Song
12.    Long Time Coming
13.    I Guess
14.    Be Thankful (feat Erykah Badu)
15.    Tell Me
16.    Syleste (Lounge Lizzard mix)
17.    Feeling You (feat Stevie Wonder)
18.    It's So
19.    Kiss It Right
20.    Come On (feat Kele LeRoc)
21.    The Man
22.    Treat You (feat Caron Wheeler)
23.    F**k War, Make Love
24.    Bully (feat The Scratch Professer)
25.    I Love Being With You
26.    Simplify
27.    Vicky's Tune (feat Robert Glasper & Ty)
28.    Gave My Heart (feat Leon Ware)
29.    Doobie Doobie Doo
30.    Feeds My Mind (feat The Floacist)
31.    Insatiable (feat Natasha Watts)
32.    De Ja Vu (feat Mayra Andrade)
33.    I Want It To Be

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