No escape from The Steve McQueens as Bluey gets excited about Incognito's big London date

The Steve McQueens

May 23rd at Indigo2 re-unites Incognito with Maysa Leak but Bluey is just as excited about the band he has invited to open. Singapore's The Steve McQueens.

Musician, producer and band leader Jean Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick has travelled extensively with Incognito, proud of taking British soulful music to the world, but now feels it’s time to give back.

As he readies Incognito for a big London date at the Indigo2 on Saturday May 23rd, a show that re-unites the band with American former lead singer Maysa Leak, he is just as excited about the band he has invited to open. The Steve McQueens are Bluey’s latest production association, a five piece soulful outfit from Singapore that he has signed to his label Splash Blue. The band is fronted by charismatic singer Ginny Bloop and on playing their Splash Blue debut album ‘Sea Monster’ they clearly have a distinctive jazz infused neo-soul soundscape similar to Australia’s Hiatus Kaiyote, rich in progressive chords, solos, dark basslines and drum and bass inflections.

Speaking to Jazz FM’s Nigel Williams Bluey recounted his discovery of the band in Singapore. “I try to do as many workshops as I can and spread my knowledge, you know, pass it on because I feel very grateful for what I have. I went this musical institution where I gave a talk to the students. Afterwards they stepped up and completely blew my mind, they were amazing.”

“I’ve already done this for Dira in Indonesia, supporting her and taking her to London, producing and writing for her. With these guys I didn’t even have to write, I just had to sit in the production chair and make sure that they got it down because they already had it.”

Excited about his re-union with Maysa he said, “This show is really special for me in many ways. The Queen of our soul is back with us, Maysa. She’s my muse as a songwriter, she’s the voice of Incognito as far as the fans are concerned.”

Bluey's second solo album 'Life Between The Notes' is out now on Dome Records.

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