New documentary on Weldon Irvine

The career and influence of the great jazz musician will be explored in this feature length film.

Weldon Irvine, jazz musician, playwright, pioneer of liberated black artistic expression, and mentor to rappers like Q-Tip, is the subject of an upcoming feature length documentary. 'Digging for Weldon Irvine' is about the "musical genius whose legacy, time has obscured", and is crowdfunding to cover post production costs for the project. 

"We began development of this film in fall of 2015.  It has since changed from a good story, to the story of all of our lives. Though Weldon was a musician, the story of a dream deferred is all too common in this world. It can be argued that Weldon set aside his dreams and supported countless musicians in several genres - until mentorship became his dream.

"A labor of love, so far this project has been funded out of pocket.  In order to compensate our gracious and talented  crew and give you the audience, the cinema experience you deserve,  I decided to come to the community and ask for a bit of assistance. We have applied for several grants and have raised money offline - but this process as you know, is different.

"Digging For Weldon Irvine began production last year and we have already filmed some powerful interviews. We have made some very meaningful connections which  you'll be able to see that in the  trailer. Sure, it looks good, but I want it to look and sound a lot better. There is also a score of people whom we still need to interview". 

Donate to the project here.

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