Miles Davis' electronic masterpiece 'In a Silent Way' reinterpreted by supergroup Powerhouse

A collaboration featuring Wallace Roney, Bob Belden and Lenny White release 'In an Ambient Way' using Binaural audio technology for more spatial realism.

Supergroup Powerhouse are to release their interpretation of a key Miles Davis recording under the title ‘In an Ambient Way.’

Trumpeter Wallace Roney, reed man Bob Belden, guitarist Oz Noy, bassist Daryl Johns, drummer Lenny White with Kevin Hays on Fender Rhodes have re-interpreted Miles’ 1969 electronic album masterpiece ’In a Silent Way’ using Binaural sound, a process that makes the music sound as if you are sitting in front of the band. The recording is done using a single microphone and the result is a listen with more spatial realism, particularly in headphones during a period when high quality headphones are a booming sector.

The record is part of Chesky Records Binaural+ Series and is released on June 23rd.

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