Miles Ahead release April 22nd

Don Cheadle’s 1970s set biopic on Miles Davis is to be released nationwide on April 22nd. It marks his directorial debut in which he also plays the star role.

Don Cheadle’s new biopic ‘Miles Ahead’ about Miles Davis is to be released nationwide on April 22nd. Cheadle makes his directorial debut here and stars as Miles in the film, along with Ewan McGregor who portrays a music journalist writing for Rolling Stone Magazine. 

Miles Ahead conjures a film story set in the 1970s, full of action through gun battles, car chase scenes and fractious relationships with a soundtrack that naturally draws from the Miles Davis' ground breaking music. It starts with Miles as a drug addict in New York City, reflecting on his hey day, with McGregor the journalist managing to con his way into Miles’ home.

Not wanting to make a standard biopic Cheadle used the inspiration of Miles’ unconventional approach and attitude with his music in bringing the movie to life saying, “I wanted to make a movie that I think Miles Davis would have wanted to star in.”

Watch a short clip below. (*contains profanity*)

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