Loose Tubes to release new album 'Arriving'

The winners of this year’s Jazz FM Award for Live Experience of The Year, are to release ‘Arriving’ August 28th featuring their first new material for 25 years.

British big band Loose Tubes, winners of this year’s Jazz FM Award for Live Experience of The Year, are to release a new album ‘Arriving’. This will featuring new material, the first for 25 years. The original lifespan of Loose Tubes was short lived considering their huge impact on British jazz, just six years from 1984 until 1990. 

The first part of this new album is the third and final release from their farewell residency at Ronnie Scott’s. 

“‘Arriving’ recalls Loose Tubes arriving at Ronnie's, but the name is also chosen because this album completes the story; the band disbanded after this final piece from the 1990 gigs and suddenly we were each free to follow our own voices independently, said co-founder Django Bates. “Ironically it was with the death of our beloved Loose Tubes that I felt we’d ‘arrived’ as individuals.”

Loose Tubes reformed in time for Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2014, which won the public vote for the Jazz FM award, playing classics and newly commissioned compositions. Shortly afterwards they celebrated their 30th anniversary with a sold out week long residency at Ronnie Scott's. They play Herts Jazz Festival Sept 18th and return to Ronnie’s once again Sept 23rd – 26th.

Track list:

1. Armchair March
2. Children’s Game
3. The Wolf’s Dream And The Wild Eye
4. Ⓐ 
5. Nights At The Circus
6. Eden Express
7. Arriving
8. Fast Forward

New tracks:

9. As I Was Saying
10. Bright Smoke, Cold Fire
11. Creeper

Line Up
Flutes: Eddie Parker. Clarinets: Dai Pritchard. Saxophones: Steve Buckley, Iain Ballamy, Mark Lockheart, Julian Nicholas, Ken Stubbs. Trumpets: Lance Kelly, Chris Batchelor, Ted Emmett, Paul Edmonds, Noel Langley. Trombones: John Harborne, Steve Day, Paul Taylor, Richard Pywell. Bass Trombone / MC: Ashley Slater. Tuba: Dave Powell. Keyboards: Django Bates. Guitar: John Parricelli. Bass: Steve Watts. Drums: Martin France. Percussion: Thebi Lipere.

On “Arriving”, Parker plays Keyboards, Bates plays Eb horn.
On tracks “As I Was Saying”, “Bright Smoke, Cold Fire” and “Creeper” Julian Argüelles replaces Stubbs; John Eacott replaces Edmonds, (no Emmett); Richard Henry replaces Slater; Ashley Slater replaces Day; Louise Petersen Matjeka replaces Lipere.

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