Kenny G-Funk


'Mashup' madness as Kenny G and Warren G play the hit ‘Regulate’ on US TV host Jimmy Kimmel's show, but the story begins a year ago.

It’s the kind of parody that music fans have joked about for years and when it comes true it’s way to good to go unmentioned. Last year a ‘mashup’ mix appeared online perfectly blending rapper Warren G’s hit ‘Regulate’ vocals over smooth jazz saxophonist Kenny G’s lobby classic ‘Songbird’. 

The irony of the two Gs was not lost on US TV host Jimmy Kimmel who facilitated the two in a live mashup on his show. Typical of the self-effacing nature of Kenny G, who loves to play on irony, he blows his familiar soprano saxophone tones over Warren G’s club classic, adorned in the statutory shiny smooth jazz suit, afro curls flowing.

Watch the video below and the original mashup idea.

The original mashup.

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