Jesse Fischer pumps new life through the veins of a Herbie Hancock classic

Jesse Fischer

Brooklyn's Jesse Fischer and Sly5thAve have re-framed Herbie's 'Head Hunters' titles for their 'Vein Melter E.P', with trap, broken beat, house, and dubstep rhythms.

There’s something entirely reminiscent about Brooklyn based keyboard player and producer Jesse Fischer’s new release the ‘Vein Melter E.P’ and yet something distinctly fresh and new about it.

Like many young electronic keyboard players of his generation Fischer demonstrates a healthy interest in the work of iconic jazz man Herbie Hancock. In particular, Hancock’s pioneering funk fusion era of the early 1970s when he emerged from his so called experimental electronic ’Mwandishi’ period to find his groove with the ground breaking ‘Head Hunters’ album in 1973. Now Jesse Fischer has teamed up with fellow Brooklyn-ite, horn arranger and producer Sylvester Onyejiaka, known as Sly5thAve, for a modern electronic reworking of the entire ’Head Hunters’ album, title for title, including much loved classics 'Chameleon' and 'Watermelon Man'. 

Sly5thAve has worked and toured in horn sections for Prince, Taylor Swift and Quantic and last year released his debut album ‘Akuma’. Jesse Fischer has made a name producing artists across the jazz, hip hop and singer-songwriter spectrum, as well as his own album projects, and tours with pop artists including Laura Izibor, Ryan Shaw and Freddie Jackson.

Reflecting their shared experience of electronic dance music and r&b the E.P involves intricate orchestral horn arrangements married to trap, broken beat, house, and dubstep rhythms. It beautifully pays homage to the contemporary, crowd-pleasing spirit of the originals whilst re-framing them for dance music fans. 

The ‘Vein Melter E.P’ is available for download via iTunes, Bandcamp and Amazon and released on limited edition vinyl.

Watch Jesse Fischer perform Herbie Hancock's 'Chameleon' at The Blue Note in New York featuring Sly5thAve on tenor saxophone.

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