International Jazz Day on track in Paris

Train stations across Paris improve the daily commute with the sound of jazz and improvisation.

The six busiest train stations in Paris got into the swing of this year's UNESCO International Jazz Day. Gares & Connexions, a division of the French rail system that promotes art in railway stations opened the ears of commuters with the sound of jazz, performed by six international artists.

From 10.00am on International Jazz Day 2015, commuters at Paris Gare du Nord were treated to a performance by pianist Armel Dupas. Later in the day, China Moses and Andre Manoukian performed a tribute to jazz and blues across 3 different stations including Gare de Lyon.

International Jazz Day is in full swing with over 700 shows taking place across 185 countries. Tonight a host of stars including Herbie Hancock, Al Jarreau and Wayne Shorter perform in the All-Star Global Concert at UNESCO's Paris headquarters.

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