Gregg Allman’s final album released posthumously

‘Southern Blood’ is a set of blues and soul covers produced by Don Was

The late Gregg Allman has had his final album ‘Southern Blood’ released posthumously. The lead singer and guitarist with the Allman Brothers recorded a set of blues and soul covers with his band before he died earlier this year. It features music by Bob Dylan, Willie Dixon and Jackson brown, produced by Grammy Award winning Don Was and recorded in Fame Studios, Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

Allman was already battling with cancer when he was recording the project, so he had a good idea it would be his last. He was aiming to write more new music for it, but in the end just 
‘My Only True Friend’ was included.

Speaking about the album, Don Was says “I think he’s trying to show who he really is, deep inside. If you listen to the lyrics of the songs, you will understand the essence of Gregg Allman.”

‘Southern Blood’ is out now on Decca.


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