Fans invited to join in and help make Lalah Hathaway's new live album

Lalah Hathaway at Love Supreme Festival (photobombed by the Jazz FM Chameleon!)

Grammy winning soul star Lalah has joined fund raising website Pledge Music to raise funds for her promised new live recording.

Lalah Hathaway told Jazz FM earlier this year that she plans to release a live album. She revealed this when she joined us in our vintage Airstream studio after her show at Love Supreme Festival.

Now fans are invited to help Lalah make the album by joining her campaign through fund raising website Pledge Music. In return, and depending on the pledge, contributors gain access to exclusive content such as autographed vinyl copies, the chance to talk with Lalah over Skype and even an Executive Producer credit.

At the beginning of the year Lalah won a Grammy for her re-recording of Brenda Russell’s song ’Something’ with Snarky Puppy. It was the second time she has recorded the song, the first way back in 1990 on her debut album.

The working title for the new record is ‘Lalah Hathaway LIVE’. For more information and a chance to be involved click here.

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