Ego to go: New book on Miles Davis

A new book 'Miles Davis / 1973: "My Ego Only Needs A Good Rhythm Section"' reveals the fruits a candid two day interview in 1973

In March of 1973 trumpeter Miles Davis had crashed his Ferrari on the Westside Highway in New York, fracturing both of his ankles. Whilst recovering at home the infamously reclusive Miles granted an interview with an aspiring young journalist, Stephen Davis, which spanned two days.

The content of that encounter has manifested a new book giving a fascinating insight into Miles’ mindset at that time. Physically tired out, he was bitter over his diminishing influence in a style of music he had created and pioneered. He’d also been recently arrested on gun and drug possession charges, but these were subsequently dropped.

On the question of why Miles never listened to his older music he replies with, “my ego only needs a good rhythm section,” which is part of the title of the book. Miles talks about his family, drug use, rival musicians and his views on the state of music at that time. The book reveals a candid response from direct questioning by a young journalist meeting his idol and a personal exploration on how Miles Davis’ enormous influence changed the whole of jazz.

Miles Davis / 1973: "My Ego Only Needs A Good Rhythm Section" is out now.

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