Detroit names street after Aretha Franklin

Photo credit: David Guralnick/The Detroit News via AP

Her home city honoured 'The Queen Of Soul' over the weekend

DETROIT (AP) - Aretha Franklin's hometown of Detroit has named a street after her. A section of Madison Street, between Brush and Witherell, was named "Aretha Franklin Way" after The Queen of Soul on Thursday. The area is at the heart of a performing arts district that includes the Detroit Opera House. Franklin told a crowd gathered at the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts that she knew she would "get weepy" by the honour.

The 75-year-old thanked the Detroit City Council, and said it was "magnificent". She went on to recall her youthful days skating at the Arcadia Ballroom and singing at the Flame Show Bar. The street-naming launched four days of events for the inaugural Detroit Music Weekend, designed to showcase the city's artists. Aretha performed a concert including many of her Motown hits, released on Detroit's world famous record label.


Aretha Franklin pictured with her son Kecalf Cunningham

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