David Bowie: Jazz Genie

Jazz FM is to air a tribute to David Bowie this Saturday January 16th from 1pm hosted by Neil Cowley. From Major Tom to minor chord, we look at his love of jazz and influence on the genre.

This Saturday from 1pm, Jazz FM will be hosting a special tribute programme to the life of David Bowie. 

Hosted by Neil Cowley, 'David Bowie: Jazz Genie is a special one hour programme in celebration of the profound impact that David Bowie had on music and popular culture as a whole. We explore the influence of Bowie on generations of jazz musicians and in turn look at the influence jazz had over Bowie’s music.

The programme promises to examine the artist’s output from a perspective less often viewed and features interviews with jazz musicians whose life and work has been coloured by his genius, as well as music from some of David Bowie’s jazz heroes.

Guests confirmed for the show include GRAMMY® winner Robert Glasper, singer and actress Lea Delaria, who had an album out last year of David Bowie songs, drummer Dylan Howe plus vocalists Ian Shaw and Gwyneth Herbert.

Bowie was a long time jazz fan and saxophonist himself - reportedly, aged 14, he couldn’t decide if he wanted, "to be a rock’n’roll singer or John Coltrane."

Hear 'David Bowie: Jazz Genie,' hosted by Neil Cowley, 1-2pm on Saturday 16th January on Jazz FM.

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