Chaka Khan adds support for #ImUnloading anti-gun campaign

The singer's son was acquitted of gun murder in 2006 and has come out in support of the campaign fronted by rapper Snoop Dogg.

Chaka Khan has shown her support for an anti-gun campaign called #ImUnloading by recording a short video on YouTube. Somewhat ironically, the campaign is fronted by rapper Snoop Dogg who spent much of his career glorifying guns and gang culture but has been personally affected by the results of gun violence on family, friends and colleagues.

In 2006 Chaka Khan’s son Damien was acquitted of murder and manslaughter after the shooting of a teenager at a party with an M-16 rifle.

In the video Khan states, “Having a gun cost me to have ulcers as a teen, having a gun cost my son’s friend his life, and almost cost my son his freedom. So yeah, #ImUnloading”

She has also been telling the Guardian newspaper how she is tired of her biggest hit record, her version of the Prince song ‘I Feel For You’. 

“I’m very bored of that song, yes. I guess I’ll be singing it for the rest of my life, but I’ve had enough.” She said. Chaka-Cha-Cha-Ch-Ch-Chaka Khan is the headline performer at this year’s Love Supreme Festival at Glynde Place in Sussex on Saturday July 4th with her full American band.

Chaka supports #ImUnloading:

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