Amazon releases new jazz sitcom – ‘Giant Steps’

The show is set in New York City and stars real-life jazz players

A new jazz sitcom starring real-life jazz Musicians has just received a worldwide release. Shot in Harlem, New York, ‘Giant Steps’ stars bassist Mickey Bass, Trombonist Gregory Charles Royal (who created the series), and saxophonist Brent Birckhead.

The three players represent different generations of player, and different roles within the industry (old-time legend, artist manager and young, overconfident student respectively). They all share an apartment together and “every day is a rollercoaster”. The first mini-season is a 3-parter entitled ‘April Fools Jazz’ and can be viewed exclusively on Amazon’s Prime TV service.

Creator Gregory (who formerly played with the Duke Ellington Orchestra) says it all started when he realised that Mickey’s jazz act was riddled with excellent jokes, and he could utilise the musician’s precise timing and stage presence. He says the music itself becomes one of the stars of the show – as the musicians really play together on screen, something that harks back to a lost era of television production.

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