A Paradigm Shift for bass man Michael Janisch at Vortex

American bassist Michael Janisch showcases music from his new double album ‘Paradigm Shift’ at London’s Vortex this Thursday September 3.

British based American bassist Michael Janisch showcases music from his new double album ‘Paradigm Shift’ at London’s Vortex this Thursday September 3. A European tour to follows and official album launch at Pizza Express Jazz Cub in Soho Tuesday October 6.

It will be no surprise that the album is released on his own prolific jazz label Whirlwind Recordings. This has been home to countless British, American and European musicians who have, through his dedication and astounding work ethic, been able to release their work to the world in both physical and digital formats.

Janisch’s virtuosity is unquestioned. On ‘Paradigm Shift’ he shows his own broad compositional soundscape and thematic grooves. In parallel with his music he is also an activist against globalisation, religious fanaticism, global warming and state aggression. 

“With Paradigm Shift I’ve had so many extra-musical events occur it was life that informed and inspired this new music. It’s been much more organic on a composition level to just allow these new experiences to guide the writing process. I’ve not written music and subsequently grafted some personal, social or political cause on top of it; rather it was the emotions I’ve experienced that guided me to generate the sounds, colours and rhythms that eventually led to the music on the record. It’s all been a much more holistic and fulfilling writing process.”

Michael Janisch is joined by saxophonists Jason Yarde and Paul Booth, trumpeter Alex Bonney, Cédric Hanriot on piano and keyboards and Colin Stranahan on drums.

Also billed is pianist Tom Cawley’s Curios with the first opportunity to experience their new material performed live.

The Vortex, 11 Gillett St, London N16 8AZ Tel: 020 7254 4097

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