A divine jazz intervention needed

Depiction of Saint John Coltrane

San Francisco's Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church is facing eviction by City authorities.

It may be left to a divine jazz intervention to help save San Francisco’s famous Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church. Situated in the once vibrant Fillmore Street district the institution has been ordered to move out by City authorities due to unpaid rent. 

Archbishop Franzo Wayne King co-founded the Church in 1969 in a real tangible way for people to worship Coltrane's spiritual music, describing it as, “the holy trinity of melody, harmony and rhythm.”

"The church is almost like going to Jerusalem or going to Mecca, so people pilgrim here from all over the globe. Officials in this city should feel the responsibility to protect the house of A Love Supreme,” he said.

Reverend King claims gentrification is forcing them out and plans to open a Coltrane university.

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