Nigel Williams presents My Taste with Bibendum Wine, a series of programmes interviewing renowned chefs and restaurateurs. Nigel will chat to the guests about their love of food and wine, discovering their favourite restaurants, wines and dishes, to give you the inside track. Our latest guest is Thomasina Miers, Masterchef champion in 2005 and founder of the Wahaca chain of Mexican street food restaurants.



Thomasina Miers is a cook, food writer, television presenter, entrepreneur and the co-founder and Executive Chef of Wahaca Restaurants - cooking fresh food inspired by the food markets of Mexico.

Thomasina has presented various cookery shows on television and radio, including A Cook’s Tour of Spain, Wild Gourmets, Mexican Food Made Simple and The Kitchen Cabinet. She is the author of five books. Her latest book is all about chillies - CHILLI NOTES, Recipes To Warm The Heart (Not Burn The Tongue).

In addition to the day-to-day running of the restaurants, Thomasina writes a weekly recipe column in the Guardian magazine. She is a passionate supporter of slow, seasonal food, and local markets. She wholeheartedly and vocally supports the Fish Fight campaign and recently cooked insects in Oxford for the Grand Banquet of Rainforest Insects amidst the Ghost Forest trees with experts in the field of food security.

In 2013 Thomasina and Tristram Stuart launched a new campaign The Pig Idea which aims to reverse the ban on feeding catering waste to pigs. As part of the campaign, the Feeding the 5000 team in partnership with Wahaca Mexican Restaurants reared 8 pigs in London's very own Stepney City Farm.

At the end of this trial period The Pig Idea hosted The Pig Feast in Trafalgar Square where they provided a free meal to thousands of people as a way to raise awareness of the campaign and the issues.

Thomasina is a passionate advocate of good food, responsibly sourced and wonderfully cooked. She supports fairtrade producers and local markets; campaigns for worthwhile causes and jointly runs a successful, growing business.

Thomasina lives in London with her husband and two young daughters.

Bibendum’s Wine Picks for Thomasina

Thomasina is a huge fan of sweet wines and requested a wine from the world renowned Sauternes producer Château d’Yquem which can sell for thousands of pounds a bottle. On a mission to find something sweet but affordable to offer Thomasina, Bibendum opened a bottle of the Domaine Cauhape Symphonie de Novembre Jurançon Doux 2011. Jurançon is a region in the South West of France, a stone’s throw from the Pyrenees mountain range, where the, relatively unknown, Petit Manseng grape grows native. This wine is made up of 100% Petit Manseng. It is remarkably intense on the nose with aromas of exotic & citrus fruits. It’s smooth on the palate, lifted by ripe fruit flavours, and delightful hints of pineapple, quince and chestnut. A complex and delicate wine which would match perfectly with blue cheese, cheesecake or fruit based puddings.

You can buy the Domaine Cauhape Symphonie de Novembre Jurançon Doux 2011 online from The Fine Wine Company here.



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