Nigel Williams presents My Taste with Bibendum Wine, a series of programmes interviewing renowned chefs and restaurateurs. Nigel will chat to the guests about their love of food and wine, discovering their favourite restaurants, wines and dishes, to give you the inside track. Our latest guest is former DJ, Martin Morales, whose passion for Peruvian cuisine has taken London by storm with the highly successful Ceviche and Andina Restaurants.



Born in Peru, Martin Morales, former DJ and founding member of Apple iTunes Europe, has been cooking since the age of ten. This passion has been a constant throughout his life, which is why, four years ago, he dropped everything - quitting his high-powered job as Director at Disney Music - to dedicate his life to his love of Peruvian food.

The early days of Ceviche, in 2011, saw Martin hosting a series of pop-up restaurants and supper clubs to kick-start the Peruvian craze and create demand for Peruvian cuisine. This led him to seek out its now permanent flagship site in the heart of London’s Soho which opened in 2012. Following the success of Ceviche, Martin opened his second restaurant Andina – an open-all-day restaurant paying homage to the healthy super-foods of the Peruvian Andes – in Shoreditch in 2013. March 2015 sees the opening of Ceviche Old St Restaurant and Bar at the historic Alexandra Trust Dining Rooms.

Martin is the author of the bestselling cookbook Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen, which won the Sunday Times Cookbook of the Year in 2013. A regular at many foodie festivals and on TV cooking shows, he is also involved in a variety of music and arts initiatives including his very own Peruvian music label, Tiger’s Milk Records. He recently launched Ceviche TV – a YouTube channel which airs weekly Peruvian-inspired short films and recipe tutorials.

Alongside this Martin has been a trustee for the Peruvian children’s charity Amantani for several years, and works tirelessly to raise funds through his restaurants and various events. / @MartinCeviche

Bibendum’s Wine Pick for Martin

Martin describes the countries of South America as ‘brothers’ and therefore selected a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc for his desert island wine. The Valdivieso Single Valley Lot Sauvignon Blanc 2012 is a perfect match for the fresh and vibrant flavours of the Ceviche menu. It is tangy and mouth-watering with intense aromas of passion fruit and grapefruit and flavours of green tropical fruits.

Based in Lontue, Valdivieso has a wealth of vineyards and the quality of the terroir can be seen in the single vineyard wines. The whole range encapsulates everything that Chile excels at: rich, vibrant flavours and smooth, glossy textures. The wines deserve the multitude of gongs they have picked up in recent years.

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