Ben McCormack Editor of presents My Taste with Bibendum Wine, a series of programmes interviewing renowned chefs and restaurateurs. Ben will chat to the guests about their love of food and wine, discovering their favourite restaurants, wines and dishes, to give you the inside track.

This month Ben is talking to Duck & Waffle Executive Chef Daniel Doherty about his love of wine and food and his favourite restaurants, dishes and wines.



Duck & Waffle Executive Chef Daniel Doherty

Native Brit Daniel Doherty is well on his way to becoming one of the most prominent chefs on London’s culinary scene. Born and raised in Shrewsbury, Doherty started his career while enrolled in The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts at an apprenticeship with Michelin starred 1 Lombard Street in London.

In 2008, Doherty accepted a Head Chef position at The Ambassador, a modern European restaurant in Exmouth Market. Shortly thereafter, he accepted the position of Head Chef at The Empress in Victoria Park, expanding his knowledge of modern British food.

In 2010 Doherty opened The Old Brewery, a restaurant and microbrewery located in Greenwich. The Brewery was welcomed with rave reviews, namely, 5 stars from Time Out London not to mention being nominated for Best New Restaurant (2010) and receiving Best British Restaurant (2011) and Best Brew Bar (2011) by Time Out London. Spearheading a British food renaissance, as Head Chef, Doherty crafted the Brewery’s artisanal menu. He sourced wild meats from Scotland, Ireland and the North of England and fresh produce from local markets.

Ready for a new challenge, Doherty accepted the role of Executive Chef at Duck & Waffle, London’s first 24-7 gourmet dining restaurant in 2012. He brings a rich and colourful past to the restaurant, and a rare zeal and vivacity manifested in the energy of his team and the flavours of his menu, which pays homage to classic British cookery.

With Doherty at the helm at Duck & Waffle, the unparalleled view of London from the 40th floor has been a mere afterthought to the cuisine.

Bibendum’s Wine Pick for Daniel

Catena Malbec Appellation Vista Flores 2012

The grape variety used to make this wine is Malbec, a red grape with a very thick skin. The grapes are grown in the Mendoza region of Argentina which receives lots of sunshine and is at high altitude - Malbec grapes thrive in these conditions. The Appellation Vista Flores refers to the single vineyard site that the grapes for this wine come from. Malbec makes big, rich, dark wines of which this is one. The flavours and aromas are of plums, dark chocolate and blackberries with some spice and pepper.

Catena is one of Argentina’s leading wineries and Duck & Waffle sells a few examples of Catena wines, so if you like the sound of this wine, head to Duck & Waffle!

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