Maria Schneider

Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra performs at Symphony Hall, Birmingham on Thursday 19th November.

Jazz aficionados won’t need telling that the Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra is one of the most exciting large groups working in jazz today; a big band that combines the best of tradition with a contemporary openness and drive built around the excellence of the band members, who are the top players on the New York scene.
The most talented jazz composer of her generation, Maria Schneider makes a very rare appearance with the superb New York big band that has been the heart and soul of her music since the early nineties.
Years of working closely with Gil Evans and Bob Brookmeyer explain her command of rich and distinctive orchestral texture – and her charismatic stage presence that draws the audience into the core of her music.
Expect evocative, majestic and heart-stoppingly gorgeous music in their long-awaited Birmingham debut, during their first visit to the UK since 2008.
Like the music of her most obvious predecessors, Duke Ellington and Gil Evans, Schneider’s reaches towards a significant new level of imagination, making hers the first truly novel approach to jazz band composition of the new century. LA Times