Win a Pure DAB Digital Radio

Here in the Jazz Club we understand how frustrating it must be to spend your summer indoors dodging bad weather, so we've got the perfect solution for your rainy day entertainment...  the Evoke D6 Pure DAB radio has it all plus a great design. A great stereo digital radio with superior sounding Bluetooth speaker.

The built-in Bluetooth turns your radio into a great wireless speaker – just choose your favourite music, streaming service or internet radio station and play it direct from your phone or tablet without trailing wires. So why not connect the Jazz FM app and turn us up to the max! Or listen to Jazz FM in stereo on DAB.

The wood casing has been carefully chosen for its exceptional acoustic properties, while the two front facing speakers have been designed to produce an unrivalled stereo sound. Two alarms mean you can set different times for weekdays and the weekend, and the touch-sensitive SnoozeHandle snoozes the alarm if you want to lie in for a few extra minutes. The remote control and clear display mean you can enjoy it all from the comfort of your armchair and there’s also a headphone socket, input for an iPod /MP3 player and the option of using a Pure ChargePAK F1 rechargeable battery pack for portable listening.

You can win a Pure Evoke D6 radio by answering the question below.

This competition closes at 23.59 on Sunday 27 August 2017. 

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