Win a co-founding subscription to Quincy Jones' Qwest TV

Legendary producer Quincy Jones and French television producer Reza Ackbaraly have just announced the creation of a new streaming-video service dedicated to jazz and related eclectic music. They revealed their new subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platform will be “Qwest TV”, in reference to Quincy Jones' famous record label.

Their aim is to let the kids know what the roots are all about for Quincy Jones, “It’s time to show today’s youth what their roots are. The beginnings and the evolution of jazz and blues is this incredible history that affects all of us. These two music genres have literally helped bring the world closer together. And part of what Qwest TV hopes to do is to continue that evolution by lighting the way for the youth of today.”

From be-bop to laptop 

Throughout his career, Quincy Jones has been closing the gap between be-bop and hip-hop. With Qwest TV, Jones and Ackbaraly are promising to take music lovers beyond by going from be-bop to doo-wop to hip-hop and now through to the digital age.

Reza Ackbaraly: “Qwest TV will represent a wide range of music; music from Africa to famous jazz archives ... It will be sort of an introduction to the history of jazz, but also to what is happening today; not only delving into its roots and into those of blues and traditional music, but also discovering new jazz inspired electronic music. Qwest TV is aiming to be a worldwide platform where users will find high-quality content handpicked by industry professionals, while at the same time respecting the free-ranging and improvisational spirit of live music.”

Their new platform which seeks to provide a brand-new way to appreciate jazz and the incredible diversity of musical traditions.

Kickstarter campaign 

The campaign’s main goal will be to recruit the first “co-founding subscribers” to Qwest TV. These early-bird subscribers both support the project and, where it's fully funded, benefit from exclusive advantages depending on their level of participation: Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.

The Kickstarter campaign presents an exclusive opportunity (where it's fully funded):

  • to ‘co-create’ Qwest TV while enjoying a one-year Premium subscription as well as access to the Qwest TV team;
  • to benefit from exclusive advantages available in limited supply such as co-producing of a Qwest TV program; signature audio headsets; invitations to launch parties in London, Paris, NYC and LA; and, for the connoisseurs, a chance to obtain signed items from Quincy Jones’
  • Quincy's personal collection (vinyl records and gold and platinum discs).

Find out how you can get involved in their Kickstarter campaign here.

Additional Terms and Conditions

  • This Kickstarter campaign is an 'all or nothing' meaning that it will not complete unless the necessary funds are raised. Therefore winners will only receive the above benefits in the event of the project being fully funded.

We've teamed up with Qwest TV to offer you the chance to win one of ten co-founding subscriptions and be involved with this wonderful new project. 

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This competition ends at 23.59 25th September.